Friday, November 17, 2006

What an amazing life i live

Its crazy and cliche and whatever else, but it is SO wonderful being a mom. You never think you can be soooo in love. you wonder how God could have pulled it off.Sometimes i wonder if Lia knows how irresistable she is to me, whenever she's doing all her cute faces and crying and kicking.She is so amazing. And she KNOWS exactly who i am. She knows that she's going to get fed when i come around or when she hears my voice. its honestly the most rewarding thing in the world. She is the reason that i love. She is my life. I am sooo lucky to have such a beautiful girl


    Little girls are a beautiful gift from God! Yay! She is so very precious! And LONG! Wow... not even 7 pounds and 21 inches... that's going to be one tall girl! My daughter was 8 pounds and 21 inches and she was very lean and long, as well.
    YAY for you!! May God bless you both. xoxoxo

  2. long time no chat shiray.

    thank you for your kind comments.

    how have you been???


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