Wednesday, December 27, 2006

What an amazing Christmas

So my little girl racked in the big presents. She got such a huge amount of gifts. She's so adorable and sooo Loved. Its wonderful. Gosh this was a good and crazy year. So many ups and downs. I mean really low downs and incredibly high ups.

My life is happy and complete, but i do miss playing pool and dancing and living in new orleans. I miss being able to just get up and go. Now it takes me an eternity to leave the house because i have to get the baby ready.

Its so strange how things work out. My baby has been alive for 10 weeks. Can you imagine only 2 months and half of living and breathing out in the world? Everything is so new. So much development. Every second that goes by is another second that she has gained in just everyday activities: breathing, blinking, smelling, touching. Can you imagine the air being new to you? the color pink being new to you? She won't remember it. But i will always remember her faces when you dance around her face with a colorful toy. Or the new sounds she makes and then she kicks her legs in excitement over hearing herself make noise. Its amazing.

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