Thursday, February 14, 2008

One Act/ One Scene Play

[Scene: A wife in the kitchen. Her husband sitting in the living room watching tv. The rooms are set up so that one may see from the kitchen to the living room and from the living room to the kitchen.]

Husband: I'm hungry. what we got to eat?
WIfe: There's a pizza in the freezer. Go fix it
Husband: Alright

[ Husband walks over to the freezer and takes out the pizza.]

Husband: Bay, how long does it take for the oven to heat up?
Wife: I don't know about 7 minutes, I guess.

[Husband turns on the oven, places the pizza in it immediately, and sets the timer]

wife: What did you do? Just set the time for 7 minutes extra?
Husband: Yea

[After a few minutes the wife goes over to the oven. There are 7 minutes left on the timer. She opens up the oven door and a big puff of smoke comes out of the oven. she closes the door quickly. she walks back to the living room and sits with her husband on the couch. A few minutes pass when the husband speaks again.]

Husband: Wow it smells like the pizza is burning.
Wife: Yeah it does, and when I walked over there and opened the door a big puff of smoke came out.
Husband: What!

[He runs to the oven and opens the door. An even larger puff of smoke comes out of the oven]

Husband: What the hell?! Why didn't you take the pizza out when you saw all the smoke.
Wife: Well the timer still had 7 minutes left.

The End.

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