Wednesday, July 16, 2008


I keep breathing in and out
yet the air can't seem to satisfy,
and the harder i try
the harder it is
to breathe in again--
ya dig?!

Trying to remember
that its all gunna be alright--
is not working right now
I need space;
get out my face!

I love you,
but I can't.
I need you,
but not right now.

Just a place to call my own,
and come out when I'm ready.
In a minute- in a day-- in a week
maybe a year
but still
without it
I'm overwhelmed.
Under appreciated
Un loved
and out of patience
ya hear!

Help me
I'm sinking.
I'm falling
I'm drowning
In my own anger
at what seems so small,
to me right now is so large
so big--
Ya dig?!

Counting down the days
Like my savior is on his way
Like my king has saved the day
Like my Lord is answering my pray-
Ya heard?!

Finally I'm cooling down
my words were flowing out
and with them my anxiety
and stress
for another time
in another mess.
I'll be back
to lay the rhyme
to ring the chime
to dance the jig
Ya dig?!

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