Saturday, September 03, 2011


Cascading tears,
Daily cries
In constant heart break.
I feel
My soul cries out to you, O God.
My body thrashes in agony, Dear Lord.
How many more prayers would it take?
How many more pleas of mercy do you need?
Father, I will give you all and more
To relieve your poor servant's pain.
Super natural healing
You, O Lord, hold the power.
To you, O Lord I lift my voice to praise
For your endless grace upon my life,
But Oh Lord, the pain I feel from afar
Consumes me.
Painful visions.
Painful realities
That are not my own.
But I hold on to the truths that I've learned.
I hold on to the knowledge of your wisdom.
I hold on to the experience of your forgiveness.
I hold on to the hope of redemption.
I need to trust in you more.
I need to release this sadness and embrace the happiness
Of the good you've brought about in a poor child's suffering.
Hold on to the lives he's changed and transformed, including my own.
Slowly I feel myself melting.
Hopefully releasing the control and boundaries I've made for myself,
and instead joining in your infinite existence. 
I lift him up to you with joyfulness. 
He who deserves paradise more than most.
He who will be made whole in your loving embrace.


  1. Another great poem Jillian, i like this one a lot, the way you merge a poem with a prayer and the meaning behind it is so cool. I love it


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