Saturday, May 19, 2012

That Gummy Grin

Some instinctual, innate happiness,
Which comes only from pure joy.
Truly immaculate.
The type of satisfaction and contentment
Forgotten by adults, echoed by children, but known by infants--
So recently bodiless--wholly spiritual beings
In the presence of the Lord.
Then cocooned in the warm, safe womb of a mother--
Floating, swaying, singing, dancing to the gentle thumping of her heart.
Then the cold comes.
The scratchy linens upon sensitive smooth skin.
The loud noises
The unfamiliar faces and colors--
with only the comforting and familiar embrace of mommy to ease the fear.
In the infantile slumber there are
Of Paradise.
Of Glory.
Of God.
Then spread across the chubby cheeked cherub
A wide gummy grin.


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