Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Love thine enemy (retry)

It might as well say, "Gouge thine eyes" how difficult I find its concept and its application.

There are some common enemies that are easy to say we hate or are trying to "love" the evil right out of--corrupt politicians and world leaders, mass murderers, serial killers, child abusers, the list goes on...

But what about those enemies in our personal lives? That individual whom just the thought of makes your blood boil. Whom you imagine arguing with and winning! or think of a witty comeback 3 days too late! "Man I wish I would have told him this.....!@#$%"

In all reality that person may not be as bad as the late Osama Bin Laden, but the emotion toward him or her is 10x what you feel for some evil stranger.

What am I getting at??!?!


I guess my point is it's easy to say you love your enemies, when you don't have to run into them at the family get together every Sunday or have to hang out with him or her because you have the same friends.

But putting that type of love into practice is much more difficult, and I'm only now accepting this lesson into my life.

For a long time, if you were my 'enemy,' I would simply cut you out of my life. But recently I've started reaching out to those people--trying to integrate them into my life once again. Or just trying to get along. Attempting to find redeeming qualities, in what I usually see is a sea of distasteful ones.

Sometimes I feel so fake because it is as if I'm feigning fondness that isn't there, but like I always say, "You gotta fake it, till you make it." And I'm confident that if I keep trying, I'm going to love my enemy into friendship.

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  1. totally where i am at. it is hard. i remembering reading in Improving Your Serve, that you gotta act like you love someone and evidentually the heart will follow. geez that is hard. this post was a good encouragement to me and a reminder that i cant ignore that command to love my enemies, even though i would like to. :)


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