Tuesday, May 07, 2013

Do I have any business leading worship?

I sin on purpose all the time. I know something is wrong but I do it anyway. I often wonder if I have any business leading people in worship when I'm so sinful and broken. And if I want to be honest with myself, I don't always try my absolute hardest to change. My worship is genuine, but I'm always wondering if I'm not just some big phoney baloney.


  1. Sounds like your confession is on track. Pray for strength in abandoning the sin that is a struggle. I'm not sure if this process ends - we are filled with so many sins! I know this passage helped me though.

    What is confession? To confess our sin is to agree with God, acknowledging that he is right to declare what we have done as sinful, and that we are wrong to desire or to do it. It is to affirm our intention of abandoning that sin in order to follow him more faithfully.

    psalms 32:5

  2. It's all the little things, ya know. The shouting at my kid. And my slothful nature when purposefully not picking up after myself. It's the romance novel on my nightstand. The 5 over the speed limit. The rolling of my eyes when my husband annoys me. The little white lie when giving an excuse as to why I didn't call you back sooner. It's the switching off of the Christian radio station so I can listen to the new rhianna song on 102.5fm.

    Those on purpose sins that's I've grown accustomed to. That I've come to ignore. That I've come to rely on. I'm reading this book on leading worship and where at one point he's acknowledging that we don't have to be perfect to lead, in the next point he's asking badically 'hey you! look at the sins you commit and ask yourself if you have any business leading others in worship."

    And I'm wondering if maybe I don't.

    But I love that passage on confession you shared! It's absolutely true and I'm thankful that you've felt compelled to have me read it.

    Thank you.


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