Saturday, February 21, 2015

Gradient--unfinished draft

I never publish works-in-progress. I usually go through a long self-editing process.

But then my changes are lost, and there's no way to retrieve those original words I'd chosen.

I remember studying classic literature in college, and being able to read the rough-drafts of poems and plays--as they were transforming into the masterpieces we all know today.

Now none of my work is a masterpiece. But I thought it would be cool to save a rough draft for once. Keep it logged. That way when I change a word or delete a line or put a comma in and then take it out. I'd remember.

When everything was grey
I knew your name and I knew your ways
But In the darkest depths of me
I let them slipped away.

I kept it all locked inside
To fester and to bloom
Into something very powerful
But very dangerous too

And in those stolen moments
I became a whole new me
So contrary to who You called
And who I knew I should be.

When everything was black
I'd lost all sense of you
And in the my body and mind
I made my god anew

I sculpted him from every vice
And every carnal pleasure
I made him support all of me
In every extreme measure.

In all the roaring and raging times
I embraced all the worst created
I scorned and resented the best of life
And turned them into things I hated.

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