Sunday, October 04, 2015


My mind is in a state of change--
insecure and unfastened.
My spirit slightly broken,
Bruised, and disheartened.
"You think too much" 
"You push too much"
"Just let it go"
"Just let them be"
And deep inside I keep wondering
"Why does it always have to be me?"
The one to apologize
The one to adjust
The one to bend
And the one to rush
To take on so much
For those who care so little
And with every breath
Condemn and belittle
All that I do
And all that I care for
Without any concern for the time
And the effort 
I invest in this chore?
Give me a break!
My goodness, My God!
I do this because I love.
And I don't need any thanks or any praise
But some Grace
Would be nice.
And some flexibility 
Would be great!
And just like the words on this page
All blurted out and spewed all over
My hurt is dulled
And my spirit glazed over
With the numbing mist
That it instinctively applies
When little chips and little hurts
Expose the tender me inside.
Mending and strengthening
Until the next injury arrives.


  1. Yes I think many times those little things are worse than a big blow. Little by little we bleed.

    1. I'm coming to appreciate that recently

  2. Sometimes it helps to write it out....sorry you have been hurt.

  3. oh...that's a painful and sad space to be in...nicely expressed...

  4. This poem resonates with me very much - sometimes we try so hard and then get criticized for it. I especially like the lines towards the end: "When little chips and little hurts expose the tender me inside." Yes, some grace would be nice.

    1. I'm glad you were able to connect. Thank you :)

  5. Hmmm....did my comment not take? I resonated with your words very much, and especially like the vulnerability expressed in your closing lines.

    1. A while ago I had to enable the approval function because of a lot of spammers coming through. I appreciate your comments. Thank you.

  6. I like the raw, honest feelings expressed here. I think we've all been there - hurt, unappreciated, criticized. Good writing!

  7. Very moving to me, and very familiar! It is so much work to listen and shatter and then restore as we must. I love this:
    "But some Grace
    Would be nice.
    And some flexibility
    Would be great!"
    (Talk about things lingering! Thank you for commenting on my poem.)

  8. We all hope for a little understanding. Well written.

  9. Anything so cleverly rhymed is hardly spewed out! But I do get the strong emotion.

    1. thank you Rosemary!! I don't often get comments on my rhyming and I appreciate it so much because I really do work on it intentionally.

  10. Beautiful honest piece! Been there! We do it because we love, and all we ask for is a little grace! Hugs!


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