Thursday, November 03, 2016

LeeHern (August 2008)

The compliments I barely pay
the "I love you's" I forget to say
on the roof-tops
I should shout
how much you mean to me,
but instead
I say things I don't mean
just to be mean
plain not nice
blame you for my vice
when truth is you've been
nothing but
the spouse I wish I could be.
I love you for who you are
I love you for what you're not.
and if I could change you
I wouldn't trade one
or trait.
God made you--
You're my fate.
I've done things
to make it hard
to keep going,
but we're gunna
keep on flowing.
I'm gunna keep on showing
second to minute
minute to hour
that a family can get better
even one like ours.

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