Wednesday, July 20, 2005

scary ignorance

so i visit blake at Charity and everyone that works there is RETARDED. more so than one could ever imagine. and they werent very nice. one of the women took 1,523,459,873,402,985 hours just to hand me an admittance card. the other told us to go up the elevator to the 4th floor. we walk out and theres an elevator directly infront of us. we click the up button FOREVER and nothing is happening. by sheer luck we look over and see the other people in the admittance office walking in the opposite direction and an elevator bell sound! SHE DIDNT EVEN TELL US THAT THIS ELEVATOR WAS BROKEN!@!@#$%^$#^% oh and it is hot! in an emergency/ hospital its a muggy musky inferno. and theres a smell.... ew this smell. Blake is lucky i love him because i would never have gone there. but he got transfered to tulane. much better! everyone pray for him please.

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