Tuesday, July 12, 2005

Superman the ONLY super hero *to me*

okay so the war of the super heroes proves that supposedly batman is the ultimate superhero... the only superhero with no super powers.. it all came down to superman vs batman. well if you ask me. (which of course you didnt but i'm going to voice my opinion anyway because its my blog) batman isnt a superhero to begin w/. he had all of those super suits. he had to put a costume on to be super.. that totally sucks. what if he couldnt get to his cave to get his suit? or something like that occurs. superman was the only SUPER HERO that was a superhero no matter what he was wearing. he had to dress up as a civilian,a regular old joe as his disguise to hide the fact that he was a superhero underneath. all the others were regular people that had to become/transform into superheroes. i guess thats what started my entire infactuation. someone hiding his greatness while all the others have to paint it on. i wonder which one i am sometimes. i'm probably closer to a supervillian... What do you think?

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