Saturday, December 24, 2005

Happy Jesus Christ our Lord and Savior Day

is it not freedom of speech to be able to call December 25 anything you'd like?

i've never made fun of jesus a day in my life and i dont intend to now. its just that everyone forgets exactly why dec. 25 is important. if you dont believe in jesus you arent even supposed to be celebrating. you can have a day devoted to gift giving. BUT it really is a christian holiday. theres also other celebrations going on. but get over the political correctness. who said its not american to get left out. someone is always left out. just because you arent a christian doesnt mean that people shouldnt be allowed to say Merry Christmas. everyone cant be included all the time. and if you dont believe in jesus why do you even care that everyone is celebrating him anyways?

happy holidays everyone. no matter what you believe. no matter what you celebrate. and MERRY CHRISTMAS KIDS. i love you friends family and anyone else who could be reading.

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  1. merry christmas little jillien


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