Friday, December 23, 2005

So tomorrow is christmas eve huh?

wow its soo incredible. time was going by SO SLOWLY during the hurricane and evacuation and living in a hotel, then living on the westbank with a 6PM curfew, and then 8PM and then 12AM and now its the end of december. i start school on the 7th and everything is supercharged. you know that movie big fish?> well theres a part in the movie when he talks about time stopping. BUT after it stops it goes super fast to catch up. well thats what happened. and now i'm getting busted in the face with time. theres no time. christian comes back in 2 months. thats it 2 MORE MONTHS. and i'll be in school non-stop till next may. i'm a junior trying to keep up my gpa, and after this 'vacation' from the real world i'm faced with the really REAL WORLD all too fast all to suddenly. can i handle it?

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