Sunday, October 08, 2006

i truly have the most loving family

this weekend my uncle came and refinished our hardwood floors for nothing. He wanted to give me this as a present, and do it before the baby comes. My aunt and my cousins came up to shop and keep me company and love me. Lee's sister gave us a tv stand and some stools... my mom and dad provide us wish easy love, and Lee's parent's provide us with support and direction.

The baby is due this thursday, and i couldnt think of a luckier child because he or she is being born into a family that does everything and will do anything for him/her just bc they love her. Thats a beautiful thing. Not everyone is born into a family that has that type of unconditional love, where the members of that family can't find what else to do with themselves, what else to give him, how much to love him.

Lee is incredible. and he's a wonderful husband, and he's going to be a wonderful father.

i'm happy. I'm nervous and happy.

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