Monday, September 25, 2006

what a while

Ok so i havent blogged in a long time! duh...

i moved into the house last tuesday and i've been soooooo incredibly busy its unbelievable.

We still don't have any furniture. its very sad lol but we are ordering the set htat i want today and the table with chairs tomorrow. We're hoping to have them by the end of the week. Its incredible living in a new place. Just trying to force yourself to make it feel like home, but at the same time its not too difficult because you put so much of yourself in it [fixing it, cleaning it, decorating it] That when you fall asleep at night you are just drowning in ownership and exhaustion.

Its really nice having a place, but at the same time i MISS my HOME sooooo much. I miss my mom and my dad and tito and lola and sissy lynn. I think i just want it all. A place of my own that comes with my family and pets. lol

I'm sad and alone in this house at times, but when lee gets back i'm happy and excited. Its horrible mixed feelings

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