Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Tomorrow is my last day of work

Wow all year has lead up to this. My two other '2 week notices'. My mental breakdowns, my pregnancy, my emotional rollercoaster.

EVERYTHING its all over. I'm moving on. I'm buying a new house. I close on thursday and tomorrows my walk through. I move in on monday. I don't go back to school until next semester to give me time for the baby. I leave my home of 21 years to say hello to a new home, with a new family that i'm the co-head of.

How am I supposed to handle all of this change? I've never been an unemployed, non-student, wife thats a mommy-to-be. That is a whole hell of a lot to adjust to. And i guess that it hasnt hit me until now. I mean not even the pregnancy. I've just been living each day in a sort of dreamlike/surreal state. This can't be happening. right?

But why does change have to be bad? Change might bring me to happiness. Change can be rejuvinating and inspiring. I hope that i can take all of this change. I hope that I can accept all of this change.

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