Friday, September 15, 2006

I'm finally a homeowner

Yesterday Lee and I signed all the papers to finalize the closing of the house.

Its so crazy. 2 days ago at the walk through, Lee noticed that on the For Sale signed it had SOLD on it. Thats so amazing. It feels kind of unreal. Like this happens to other people. But no. I'm the one that is owning a house now. [well me and lee] It feels like everything is coming together.

Lee and I are starting to feel excitement towards the baby coming; before it was apprehension.
Lee and I are starting to feel confident about owning a house; before it was uncertainty.

I really feel like we are going to make a great family.. Our next big hurtle is trying to move into the house. That is going to be a huge task; all my things need to come from the westbank, all the baby's things need to come from kenner, and all of lee's things need to be sorted and brought from the storage place and his friend's condo where he's staying.

Hmmm its gunna be hard. OOOOO and by the way, did i mention we dont own any furniture yet/!? lol

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