Saturday, September 09, 2006

Gosh i am soooo incredibly busy

its like there are too many things that need to be done in just one day. i always seem to have a deadline. A today is the day deadline. Maybe thats bc i am a horrible procrastinator and when i finally get around to doing what i have to do, it needs to be done RIGHT NOW! Its so crazy, and not even thinking about the fact that i'm still working. And by still working i have even less hours to do what i need to do. Like for example yesterday was my day off. This is what i did:

8AM- doctors appointment
drove home and remembered that i forgot to request a medical letter to send to TOPS so that i can maintain my scholarship even though i'm sitting out a semester on maternity leave.
8:45AM- drove back to the doctor's office/ got my letter
drove home and my mom calls me to go pick up a receipt at statefarm

I leave and go to statefarm/ pick up receipt.

From there i go to get my oil changed. Then to get a new toll tag [mine was 2 months overdue]. after waiting for 20 mins I realize that the toll tag place only takes cash . Go to the bank; get cash; go back and get my toll tag. Then i drive to Holy Cross and handle my registration and refund check and get my official transcript. Drive home fill out my exemption application and personal letter to TOP; take a shower; got dressed and picked up my cousin to eat lunch; an hour later i'm dropping her off and then i'm off to the postoffice where i get stamps for my babyshower thank you cards and a money order so that i can get a certified copy of my marriage license. I mail everything off, and now i'm driving to Baton Rouge. I arrive and go to the mall to get shorts for tailgaiting today, then i go to walmart to buy some necessities, wait for lee to get his hair cut, and FINALLY by around 6:30 i'm able to sit down and relax on the couch.

And today [saturday] is going to be another full of activities day, but at least today it isnt errands. its tailgaiting and driving home and exchanging babyshower presents at babiesrus. Its going to be good

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