Saturday, September 02, 2006

Best Saturday In a Long Time

Lee and I woke up early because as most of you know today is LSU's first game at home against ULL. So I went to the grocery, bought a shit load of snack food for the tailgait, came home, picked up Lee, and we were off.

The game didn't start till 7 so at 11am it was still early enough to find decent parking.

The ONLY down side was that it was INCREDIBLY hot... I mean unbearable at times. and considering i'm almost 34 weeks preggers. It was double hot for me. Lee got a sunburn on his face and neck, but i stayed in the shade and socialized most of the time.

Around 5:30 i was ready to go. soooooooo we started the much longer way back to the car. By this time it is very very crowded. There are tail gaits all around us, people walking, cars parked in the median in the MIDDLE OF THE ROAD. it was startling. Lee's thinking that we are probably blocked in because cars park 2 to 3 deep on the side of the road. So that's when i start to pray and God granted me the miracle of allowing us to 1. not get blocked in, and 2. exactly before my car was the last truck that parked in the median. So that allowed me to just cross the road and head back towards home as opposed to being stuck in 3 hour traffic, where the cops are blocking off and detouring all the cars away from the stadium. It was truly an act of God. I've included a diagram with my wonderful paint skills to illustrate our predicament.

Anyways: when we got home we just stayed in the car air conditioning for an extra ten minutes before we decided to go in. Once we got up though... I convinced lee to take me down to the pool.

I really do have the best husband in the world. When we got in the water he held me and told me to relax and i just floated on my back while he walked me around the pool. It was so wonderful. I'm not even that relaxed when i'm sleeping at night, so my body just loved it. And Lee really was there just for me. he held me and let me float and we left when I was ready. He is so beautiful.

Well anyways we came home, took showers, and decided to not go over to our friend's house and watch the game. LOL we already know it is going to be total domination. Instead my beautiful Lee is sleeping and I'm just thinking about how much he loves me and writing this post.

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