Tuesday, August 29, 2006

My new Home

ok so i cant remember if i've posted about the assholes that we are buying the new house from but You cant imagine a more incooperative ugly group of people.

They didnt negotiate on the asking price, They didnt put up any closing costs. They didn't fix anything that was wrong with the house after the inspection. The inspector couldnt look at the attic well because they still had all of their personal belongings in there. We ask them to please remove them so we could have a thorough inspection of the attic they said NO. we were supposed to have closed on the 31st of august, they decide they arent going to move out until the 18th of september.

They've dicked us around the entire time, and then to add insult to injury they have the audacity to want to make a deal.... They want to pay us rent until the 31st of september. THE BABY IS DUE OCTOBER 12th. What if the baby comes early? i'll have a week or so to get moved in to the house. It takes longer than that to get a home situated. So let me tell you this: Lee Henry said NO DICE!

Its funny. Now that they need us to be a little understanding and cooperative, we arent willing to do so. What comes around. Maybe if they had been a little nicer... a little more pliable. We would be more consenting. But when you act like an asshole to a young couple that is expecting their first kid, trying to buy their first house: PLEASE DONT ASK FOR FAVORS!. you do not deserve it.

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