Sunday, August 20, 2006

My baby shower

I'm having my baby shower this sunday coming up [not today] thats in ONE week. I'm feeling kind of nervous because this is a testament of MY family and how important they think i am by showing up. My mother has gotten a lot of RSVP's but i always worry that no one is going to show up. Its the same reason i've never thrown myself a birthday party or anything, because the embarrassment of noone showing up is extreme for me.

So this baby shower is very important to me. mainly because i dont really think that Lee's family is very enamoured with me. They always communicate how lucky I am for having Lee [and its definitely true] but i dont think they feel that Lee is lucky for having me. get it? My family is very different. they show lee a lot of love and support but when it comes to lee's family i dont think that they feel that lee found himself a smart hardworking woman. Its me that should be counting my blessings. I dont believe they see the positive changes Lee has made since he's been with me, and that makes me feel .... bad/sad/angry/dissappointed. I dont know.
So if this baby shower goes well and everyone that says they are coming shows up... Then maybe this will show that I am a person that many people love and think that i'm a pretty awesome person. It will show the hard work that all of my family put in to making me feel special.

Maybe Lee does have himself a good wife.

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