Monday, August 07, 2006

My grade worries

during any other normal semester i stress out towards the end but i usually pull it off. I'm a procrastinator, but one that works best under extreme pressure. I guess All procrastinators do, but i'm exceptional lol!

anyways This semester has been the most challenging. Not because of the courses i was taking, but because of everything that i've had to deal with emotionally i think.

The baby, The house, Lola, the high-risk pregnancy thing... School work, homework, papers, tests... A husband, money issues blah blah blah the list just goes on and on.

This semester i only took 15 hours, and so far i have 4 out of 5 A's BUT my grade for British Literature is still not in and the scary part about it is that my grade relies on this research paper that was almost impossible for me to complete. Of course i waited till the last minute [the day before it was due] but i had till 10PM on sunday to turn it in and i started on it at 4PM on saturday. I worked from 4 to 1Am, then i woke up 7:30 sunday morning and worked on the paper from 8AM till about 2:30PM... Thats a lot of time to put into a paper, in my opinion. It has NEVER EVER taken me so long to finish a paper. I've never struggled this hard.

And this is the paper that my grade is going to rely on. So i'm almost 100% certain i will NOT get an A. and i'm super duper dissappointed.

I just think that my brain is burnt out. I've been in school non-stop since January. [we got a 10 day break in between these two semesters] and with all of my other worries, my brain cannot function anymore.

Pray that a miracle occurs and i pull off an A. It would make me so incredibly excited. Especially because the baby comes at the beginning of next semester and i KNOW that it will be very challenging to have a baby and go to school and pull off a 4.0. so i want to get my gpa as high as it can be to cushion the blow of next semesters grades lol.

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