Tuesday, August 01, 2006

remember that new emotion i was talking about the other day?

Well i'm in it. Our home is in the process of being bought. Of course it isnt over till its over, but i feel like its as good as ours at this point. Lee has done so much research, asked so many questions, investigated every aspect of this deal. I've never met someone with such motivation and dedication.

My mother has helped us out sooo much financially. She has really helped us afford things. And lee's father has now offered to help us and its getting better and easier and greater as time progresses.

We got Lola's test results today and turns out she doesnt have Toxoplasmosis. So now all we have to wait for are my test results to confirm the same and we will be the happiest people in the WORLD.

Things are really coming together. Thank you Lord for your infinite blessings.

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