Wednesday, June 18, 2008

My Little Girl

You're my little girl
and my best friend.
Love you more than life
because my love has no end:
With your beautiful eyes
that you must get from me,
and your sassy attitude,
but from who could that be?
My Little Girl -L-I-A
What can I say?
I live every day
to see your smile
showing all 6 of your teeth.
It makes my heart melt.
In my life,
I've never felt
such pride
to the LORD I lift
my heart and thanks
for such a precious gift.
And I pray
every night
and every day
for the strength to be the type
of mom to make your life
go right.
Be happy.
Be you.
Stay true.
That's what I wish for you,
My little girl.


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