Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Oh yeah

So I finally graduated. Its seems like i've lost the best form of entertainment I could have ever ask for. I was the type of student that never skipped class. I actually LOVED going to class b/c that was the only time I would learn anything. I'm not the type to go home and diligently read my book and do my homework. Like I've said before: I'm lazy. Nonetheless, I have this kind of memory where if I hear it I remember it. So if i never go to class; i'd never learn anything... Well now its over and there are no brilliant people analyzing poetry for me or explaining the theories of theology and philosophy. No one asking me the tough questions. No one challenging me. I think its time for graduate school. I'm sure they'll bust my balls there. I'll be begging to be a graduate again. Maybe by the time i finish grad school, I'll be so full of knowledge that i will feel content and satisfied. I just need to be accepted. Thats the hard part...

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