Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Can't get enough

You know when something is so delicious that even though its the most unhealthy thing in the universe, even if the term food is a euphemism for this basically only edible product--- you can't stop yourself from wanting?

Now what if it were only a promise holding you back from eating it.... Like during Lent. What if abstaining from the thing were only as strong as your word. It doesn't make it any easier not to have it. It doesn't make you stop wanting it.

Its an interesting thing we do as people. We create rules and guidelines in order to make our lives seem more orderly... "Oh no, I can't do that."

What if it were all lifted? What if there were no need to inhibit one's desires? Do you think there would be only chaos and craziness? Or would the world just be filled with incredibly satisfied people?

Probably not. Just a lot of gluttonous heathens with nothing but their impulses to guide them. LOL

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  1. Interesting Thought - "What if these rules or guidelines were lifted?" It seems only natural that we would inherit whatever laws we were programmed to follow. Maybe we would behave more like an animal and eat anything without guilt? It makes me wonder a bit about what these guidelines actually are. This guilt that we feel pulled towards, for whatever reason, maybe its a law too? hmmmmmm


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