Saturday, January 17, 2009

Codex Alera

What is it about a great book that leaves you empty when its done'? Why do i react so badly when I've finished a book?

I just finished the 5th book of the Codex Alera by Butcher. It isn't the last in the series but its the last one written, and now I am sooo down.

Say i read a book that has a sequel or is part of a trilogy or like Harry potter is one of 7! I don't stop reading until i've finished them all. I pick one up, finish it, and immediately pick up the next.

I honestly feel lonely now. When is book 6 coming?!

This is all because of Bethany and her brother. They lent me the first 2 books and got me eternally hooked!

Appendix: I've just learned that book five was released December of 2008!!!! That means its brand freaking new!!! That means that I may have to wait years to know what happens. this is miserable. It always happens to me. I read all of the books but have to wait for the last one. ie: harry potter, twilight, and now the Codex Alera!

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