Tuesday, September 29, 2009

End of September

Walking outside barefoot,
I am happily surprised to feel the faint chill in the air.
It circles around and hugs your bare skin.
It's the end of September, and the year is nearing an end.
And we really feel it on days like this.
There are no crispy, red leaves
being methodically raked in large front yards.
But there is the air.
Air that flows not just over me
But over the world.
Lifting and cooling from the topmost points
Shifting and raging its way down the globe
Till finally, it hit me here.
Soft and subtle cold.
The kind of cold that northerners would snuff at--
Thinking to themselves, "You don't know what cold is."
You're right. I don't.
I've worn flip flops on Christmas Day.
I'm wearing flip flops as I type today.
But the air doesn't lie,
And its song is universal.
Singing, "Fall is come.
And the year is near done."


  1. This is great Jillien! I get the feeling of autumn as I read your lines. Love many of these lines, especially "shifting its way down the globe". Love your poetic vibe, my friend :) Look at me trying to sound cool!

  2. Beautiful! I love it Jillien!!!

  3. I love this so much!!

  4. Beautiful portrayal of fall!! It really is that time of year. :)


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