Sunday, October 03, 2010


my gum pain is so excruciating right now I can barely breathe.

It is inflamed on one section... but it came out of NOWHERE. like what in the world! I've never had a toothache/gum/mouth ache nOTHING. and I feel like pulling the teeth out of my head if that would alleviate the pain.

I feel the pain all the way up my mouth by my nose, in my ears, and on my pallat...of course not mentioning the ACTUAL spot on my gums that hurts like the dickens.

I've tried the tea bags, and the warm salt water, and the ambesol, and the floss and massaging with the toothbrush.

Here's what I do know!

Do NOT massage.

Do NOT do the salt water (it makes it worse)

Take LOTS OF ibuprofen!!

Gargle Listerine....

The tea bags feel okay because of the pressure but when you take them off, your mouth is worse than it was before and you want to die.

I need some supernatural healing right now.


  1. Is it a wisdom tooth? I had random, unexplained pain like that when one of mine would come in. Well, I don't know if it was quite that bad, though, but bad enough. Sorry it hurts so bad :(

  2. no it can't be b/c I've had them removed and its one of the front molars.. if that makes sense... right after the canine.

    thanks for the sympathy, my love.

  3. Oh wow. Is it better today? Or is it time to call a dentist? :)


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