Saturday, December 18, 2010

Just a passing thought

On nights like this
When sleep eludes me,
When rest scoffs at me,
When peace seeps away
Like a fading mist,
I think of you.

I think of the past
And made-up futures--
Futures so crisp
Yet so impossible
Its hard to breathe;
All this--when I think of you.

I wonder where it all went wrong
And try to convince myself
That it all turned out right.
Then try to smile when I look around
And try to not cry cuz I can't get out
When I think of you.

I think of my racing heart
And my sweaty hands
And my blubbering words
And my expectant glances
With your cool responses
And detached expressions

I think of my mistakes
Of my too-few right decisions
Of my steps away
And of my fumbles toward
Of my willingness to return
But my need to be good.

I think of where I am now
And where I'll be
And where I was
And who I'll see
When I go back
Or if I'll ever go back...


  1. Loved this my friend. Very well done :)

  2. When I read your poetry, I always say to myself, "pure, raw emotion." That's great poetic fuel you have there. Terrific poem.

    Merry Christmas Jillien!! Wishing you a beautifully creative and fulfilling new year!! I'm very happy to have connected with you here too. Hope all is well :) Always feel free to send me an email to chat. I would love to keep connected with you that way too.

  3. This is a powerful poem that I relate to so much!

    Well done.

  4. Being able to walk away is a good thing.

  5. THank you so much for the positive response to my poem.

    @booguloo: I needed to hear that. Thank you.

  6. Lovely musing, my friend-- hope the new year brings you joy!


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