Wednesday, June 22, 2011

My Joy Haiku

Join the fun!

Just seeing your face
Is all I need to feel joy.
Your smile warms my heart.

And when you're not here,
I think of you constantly
While passing the time.

'Til you're here again,
My soul reaches out for you
My mind does not rest.

Then I hold you close.
I remember how precious
And joyous you are.


  1. So heartfelt and emotional. I love these. Very well done

  2. Awesome!!

    this is the only word I gotta tell you!!

    with warm regards
    Another Author

  3. Very nice. Reminds me of a love story.

  4. Great job ... joyous exudes along with the love!!

    BTW - I am from Houma!! Small world ~~ :D

  5. there is definitely someone I know that this poem fits,


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