Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Diaper Guilt

Becoming a cloth diapering mama has totally ruined the easy-breezy feeling of years past when I could slap a disposable diaper on my baby and think nothing of it.

Now after devoting myself to cloth diapering and educating myself of its benefits and the harms of disposables, the thought of using disposable diapers causes me extreme anxiety! I think about that Huggie filling up with that jelly-like goo in a dump somewhere, leaking chemicals into the soil and slowly but very surely killing the Earth and all human-kind along with it.

Well like I shared with you in my last post, I'm visiting family in New Orleans for a week, and my father-in-law very generously bought a pack of DISPOSABLES for Maggie, so I wouldn't have to pack my cloths. (I'm sure they also wanted to save me and themselves from having to wash her stanky diapers in their machine.)

Anyway, the thought of using those eco-nonfriendly, chemical diapers has been causing me some strife. I know that it is only for 1 week and not a (super)big deal, but I can't help feeling a little guilty about it.

Ignorance truly is bliss *sigh*


  1. it is bliss. you are a hippie that belongs in Durham. we can be nerdy hippies together. i am too lazy with #3 to consider cloth. i keep thinking I am going to potty train soon and be done with diapers and then i realize it is too much work. one day. i had become a hippie earlier on in my parenting journey, i would have totally gone cloth. awesome that you are:)

    1. I was totally NOT hippy with Lia! I'm glad that I moved up here and met hippies who turned me over to the green side :D


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