Wednesday, April 10, 2013

The Subject/Verb Disagreement rant

So there are a lot of grammatical pet peeves out there in cyber space. Most people post about the misuse of They're, There, and Their, or another common point of contention is the misuse of it's and its.

But I feel there is not enough public outcry against the subject/verb disagreement--a major grammatical error that could strip you of an entire letter grade by its mere appearance in your paper.

Listen up folks. If someone says something, he or she says it, ok!??! Not they! Someone is a single person--not a group. If anyone or no one or everyone or somebody or anybody does anything, he or she is doing it.

Does everyone have their subjects and verbs agreeing? (nope, wrong)
Everyone in this class has an A because he or she learned subject/verb agreement.

Next class we'll talk about split infinitives :) jk

Feel free to share, if you have any grammatical pet peeves or linguistic ones.


  1. I'm usually a proud stickler for certain grammatical things, but -- I have to admit -- I still have problems with this and, seriously, I am not lying, spelling. What kind of writer am I?

    One that loves stories, I say!

  2. ah who cares really about subject/verb agreement and spelling. let your editor worry about it :) It was a weak moment of self-righteous snobbery that lead me to write this post.

    Thanks for stopping by AND for commenting!

    I'm excited to read some of your stories.

    Cheers :D


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