Friday, June 21, 2013

How I Dealt with the News of Your Passing...

Your story blinked into my life late on Wednesday night,
Just a simple click and there you were.
And from the start I knew I shouldn't have,
But I read about what occurred.

And the thought of you filled every fiber of my mind
And the visions were seared into the pits of my soul
And each evil and painful line of your story
Broke my spirit more and more.

'Till I saw your body beaten and broken
Reflected everywhere I turned--
Each time I saw my own daughter, it awoken.
Each time I closed my eyes, your memory stirred.

Then I heard the subtle whisperings
Of the Devil in my ear
Saying this could be your baby's future
And he stirred in me a deadly fear.

And he made me feel the pain you felt
And he helped me see the whole thing through
Making me come up with what I would do,
If my babies turned out just like you.


  1. Wow Jillien! I need to figure out how to sign up to your blogs! Your talents blow me away all the time.


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