Monday, November 04, 2013


It's very rare that I feel self-conscious about my writing or the idea of someone reading my writing. For years the only passers-by on this site were people who ventured so deep into the internet that stumbling upon this blog was just another back-space click without a single word read.
That's still my audience. So if you're actually reading this...I'm genuinely surprised :D

Warning: this poem contains strong language


Ya'v got expensive taste, ma dear.
Real classy and shi+
Yeah lots of shiny things
Makes me wonder whether it's all legit

Ya got a perfect man
And perfect kids
Ya got perfect teeth
And perfect ti+s

Looks like ya'v got it all.
Real nice and uppity
Lots of studio photography
Lots of fakes smiles and crockery.


  1. I'm glad someone else feels similarly to me about my blogs. However; I find solace in the freedom to express without the necessity of being known. More comforting than flashing photographers around every corner.

    I love your poem by the way. It sounds right.

    1. Thank you! And I'm so glad that you can relate :D


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