Friday, November 15, 2013

FWF--my first attempt

Death and Rebirth:

I was feeling dead. Or so close to dead that that awful, desperate struggle-phase was in full swing. Basically, I was desperate for rescue.

Funny how my death and rebirth all revolve around words. They are my center. It was words that tried (perhaps unwittingly) to slay me, and words that rejuvenated me.

What do you do when your muse has died?
Not an elegant, whimsical, fantastical death
Of a beautiful, fair, faerie-type creature
Gracefully limp upon her chaise--
Hair in bright auburn waves
Still vibrantly flowing upon her brow.
I mean a dried and shriveled body
Laying stiffly upon a dusted floor
Neglected and almost obscenely deceased.
What do you do then?


  1. I write and write some more.

    You nailed it when you said the words both slay and rejuvenate you. Funny how they do that. But I think they know that in order to heal us, we have to go to the depths and truly grasp the emotion we feel or else the words would never be true. And that's all they truth.

    Awesome piece. Happy to have you join us!

    1. Thank you kellie. I always feel so validated when someone can relate to my writing. I appreciate your comment.

      I love this meme. It's been years since nice actively participated in one and I'm super excited to be part of this community.

  2. Very hauntingly beautiful! Great to have you join us and looking forward to more.

  3. Very hauntingly beautiful! Great to have you join us and looking forward to more.

  4. I feel the despair in your words. Yes, our muse-we are at once her slave and master.

    Welcome to FWF! A great place to be!!

    1. thanks for your comment! and i'm so happy to have joined the FWF community. thank you for the welcome :)

  5. Know that Spring will come again even though Winter seems barren and cold?

    1. Yes it does! Amen!! Even if it is in the afterlife--spring will come again.


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