Friday, April 10, 2015

Quotes of Late--Lia Edition

[Lia and I are walking in the magazine section of Barnes and Noble when she notices a cover with 1Direction.]

Lia: "Mom! Did you know 1Direction is breaking up?"
Me: "Yeah, Zayn is leaving..."
Lia: "Who?"
Me: "Zayn."
Lia: "Which one is Zayn?"

I point to Zayn on the magazine cover....

Lia: "Phew!"
Lia is telling me a story about an argument she had with the boys in her class.....

Lia: "And then [insert boy name] said 'girls fight like this...' and he started waving his hands around all silly. And then I said, 'Does Princes Leia fight like that?!!" and he was like, "No." and then I said "I GOTCHA!"


Lia: "This song reminds me of Spiderman."
Me: "Why?"
Lia: "Because it's like a smooth jam, and Spiderman's webs are smooth...."


Me: "Who's your favorite superhero?"
Lia: "hmmmm........ She Hulk."


Me: "What are you reading about?"
Lia: "The Wasp"
Me: "Who is he?"
Lia: "Wasp is a girl, mom...."

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