Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Jillien the successful Crammer!

So i have this gift. well more like an ability. to cram immediatedly before a test and get an A. or write a paper an hour before its due and get an A. its weird but i've been able to do it since forever. i know that one of these days its totally going to not work lol but so far it has. i'm just soooo lazy. you know for someone who expects A's i dont really go about working at all for them. i just expect them like they are owed to me. thats horrible. i need better work ethic. i need to earn an A. or study for a test ahead of time. i mean i wonder how my grades would be if i studied.

you know it just makes you realize that everyone is good at different things. i'm good at school and others can dance and others can draw and others can build and other can sing or speak or write. its just a matter of special talents... is cramming a talent?


  1. Hey Jillien. I just checked my blog after weeks of work that stacked up to my neck. Thanks for leaving me a message. It helped me alot just now... I wrote something on my blog for you, too. Hope you'll like it.


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