Monday, February 20, 2006

Lets get physical

ok so like a dumb-ass the other day i go to the GYM.... o yes you heard correctly i went to the gym for the SECOND time in 6 months. lol and i worked out like an olympian literally. i worked out like i was the best in shape in the whole freaking gym. i felt sore while i was working out! [usually its afterwards lol]

i started off with lunges with 20 pound weight bar. and i was walking around the gym in lunges. when i finished my legs were shaking uncontrollably so i thought this was a perfect time to start squats lol. during the squats i thought my knees were going to give out on me so i stopped after several repetitions and started the bike on like 10 resistance. for like 10 mins hehehe

the next day was a joke. i could not walk. i mean it. no exaggerations could not walk. i was in excruciating pain. i'm so stupid i should have taken it easy but instead i think i'm invincible. that has been my problem. i just think i'm all powerful. I think i'm in control and i'm not.

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