Friday, July 31, 2009

Prayer in Verse (A Revisiting)

Nothing more to say.
So much typing these couple of days.
So much arguing...
Not much going my way.
Hold on to faith and pray.
I ask Mother Mary...
You too are a mommy.
Show, teach, inspire, charm me.
Reach out your arms and hold me.
But most of all love me.
I beg--Holy Spirit
Send me your graces.
Unlike King Solomon,
Don't let me fall on my faces.
Send me wisdom...
Erase all traces-
of impatience.
I implore my heavenly Father,
Help me get through times.
I know they getting harder.
Help me be a better mother, daughter, wife and lover.
You are my only hope.
Its through you that I'll be able to cope.
I beseech you Jesus.
If anyone needs you... its us.
No more words but you know what's in my heart
And I know you won't let me fall apart.
You will make me stronger.
You will help me be a mother.
You will guide me by your perfect example
And on the devil, with you by my side,
I will trample.


  1. Jillien, that is really good! All mothers could say this prayer at some time during troubled times. I can feel your heart in every line. Well done. So honest and moving.

  2. I pretty much say these things every day and night. Great poem Jillien!!

  3. Amen, Jillien. Just what I needed.

  4. amazing.. love it


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