Wednesday, July 01, 2009

Tongue Tied

When the words
Are all dried
I look toward you
For words to rhyme. 
Unlikely chances 
And unusual themes
In your hands
I leave the keys
To my writing
And borrowed style-- 
This happens
Every once in a while.
After its all said and done
That's when the fun
Has finally begun.
Overflowing with creative juices--
My sacrifice to the writing muses:
Endless sighs,
And awkward staring,
Half closed eyes,
And music blaring, 
Unfinished lines
That are not worth sharing.


  1. These lines ARE worth sharing :) Love the rhythm and tone of this poem. I really understand that sense of looking at the blank page and wondering if the words or images will come. You have a poet's heart for sure!!

  2. Hey, you stopped by my blog once. Don't know how you found it. You wished me luck on a tournament I was training for. Thanks! I did ok. I like your site. It's refreshing. Looking forward to fotoFriday.
    my blog is train4theway.blogspot.


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