Wednesday, August 12, 2009

The Drawing Dead

Simple as the setting Sun
Dancing when the day is done
Singing as the dead all come
In lines as infinite as the world is long

Happily sitting on its lap
Cuddling against him-- warm and fat
Sighing and humming in quiet relief
Never believing this peace will cease.

Suddenly, its belly rumbles.
Fat and plump are these carrion crumbles.
It eats them all, each one by one
Until the infinite are chewed and gone.

But rest assured that more will come--
Just as simply as the setting Sun
Just as there's dancing when the Day is done.
He'll be singing when the dead all come.


I very rarely append my poetry with an explanation of my inspiration or an explanation of my meaning.  But after my husband read this and said he didn't get it, I felt inspired to write about this poem. The Drawing Dead is a dark poem inspired by my past poetry that often had some treacherous or demonic villain or the beings/persons in my poem were doomed to a certain fate because of some flaw in their behavior.  Often my writing can be fantastical or ridiculous in some way, and I'm currently reading a book of short stories by a writer, while far superior to me in writing quality, is in his own way very dark, super fantastical, and often, vague and intangible.

What does this poem mean? Anything really. The only important thing to me is that it means something.


  1. intresting poem, very intresting.
    great post jillien. did you write it your self?

  2. Thank you Wayne. Yes it's an original poem :)

  3. Great job Jillien. I like the tone and flow of this poem. It moves along very nicely. Strong imagery. Keep writing and sharing:) You have that creative fire!!


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