Thursday, August 06, 2009

What a day!

I've the filthiest house in the universe. We've got Jump-n-Jive this morning with Lia's school friends for a back-to-school bonanza. I've got some baking and shopping and A TON of cleaning to do before I host a dinner party today, which I'm very excited about!(the dinner party that is... not the cleaning lol) But there doesn't seem to be enough hours in the day. I completely forgot when I scheduled dinner for Thursday that I had also confirmed playing all day at Jump-n-Jive.

Ever spread yourself thin? I think it makes it easier when you're doing things that you love/want to do. Say if today were filled with: dentist (cringe), going to Walmart (kill me), and in-laws...(just joking) it would have made it less worth the effort.

My carrot cake is on the menu:


  1. Good luck Jillien! I know you'll do great. You'll sleep well tonight, I'm sure. I hate the cleaning part too. Your comment about Wal-mart cracked me up.

  2. Oh, I can love a good carrot cake...sometimes too much for my own good.

  3. Oh, that carrot cake looks sooo gooood... I hate cleaning with a passion too. And going to Walmart!
    Thanks for cracking me up. =)


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