Friday, August 14, 2009

Photo Friday

Nice to meet someone so much like myself!

This orangutan lives in the New Orleans Audubon Zoo.  

This particular orangutan placed paper bag on his head once it began to rain... Ingenius... I got soaked! 

It gets me thinking. These brilliant, large, beautiful creatures are so charming. They are human-like in a way that some humans could never be. (We have some sick, merciless, and demented humans out there!)  Anyway, I stop and think often of this one point:  How different are all of us anyway?  I mean think about it... our DNA is something like 98% identical to that of a chimpanzee.  While all of us, including myself, revel in our originality, our uniqueness, really if we're that close to an ape, we must be so much more mind-blowing-ly  close to one another. 

I believe that if one is able to really become self-aware, understand his own nature, evaluate and reflect on his humanity that that individual would have such incredible insight on the human race as a whole. 

PhotoStory Friday
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  1. Hey Jillian Great point I heard the same that chimps have 90 somthing percent of the same dna we do.

    great post and I love the picture

  2. My kids are like monkeys and they are VERY self aware. Maybe I should try to be more like them...:)

    Great shot, thanks for playing PSF with us!!

  3. Great analogy and insight today Jillien. We all try to carve out our own individual niche in this world. We forget that we all are very similar on so many levels. It would be a nicer world if we could celebrate and embrace that recognition of similarity.

  4. Very smart to put something over his head....
    things that make you think.... it is amazing how close our DNA is .....


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