Thursday, October 01, 2009

Where are all the men?

Do people rear chivalrous young men anymore?

Is that a quality deemed necessary in today's society? 

Women at an all time high in empowerment now-a-days. Do we still need gentlemen? 

.... i think so. 

I have a theory that chivalry is more common in some regions than others. But its a shame when a lady feels like she just lucked out when someone holds the door open for her when her arms are full, and she doesn't have to do that "pull with pinky finger, stick your foot in, kick it back, hold it open with your knee and squeeze on through" maneuver. 

The other day I had my daughter in my arms along with a few grocery bags and this guy runs over and offers to put my basket up for me. No he wasn't a worker there-- just a random gentlemen who saw a damsel in distress. Praise God for that gentleman. 

On the flip: Lia and I were holding hands about to enter a frozen yogurt shop.  A young couple were 2 feet in front of us. The young man opens the door, they walk through, and the door LITERALLY closes in our faces.  Sad.

I have to admit that in my city it  is rare that you aren't answered with a Yes Ma'am, No Ma'am... I'm 24 and I get yes ma'ams.  But the men here are lacking. 

Lacking in some good upbringing.

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  1. I agree Jillien. It is scary the lack of chivalry and respect these days. I hope a more gentlemanly generation is around for our girls.


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