Monday, October 26, 2009

These Dark Seas

My small boat sways acutely on the dark blue seas. Tumbling the marbles of uneasiness within my unsettled stomach.  The winds are warm but bitter and smart the skin on my face. There is no light but that which dimly blinks from ages above-- just ancient light sifting its way through the hazy world onto these inky waters.  My throat is dry and feels swollen almost shut.  Swallowing is terrifying. My sticky wind pipe threatening to adhere to itself in one last rebellious stand against this oppressive, moribund shell I call a body-- closing air from my raw lungs forever. All the while, my small boat rocks. Drifting steadily toward an unknown target. Undulating me toward an unknown threat. How many more can I endure?



  1. There's poetry throughout this piece. Wonderfully written and felt. As I always tell you, keep writing, keep writing, keep writing!!!

  2. A beautiful poetic piece! I was hooked from the first line. I enjoyed the rhythm throughout.

    Visiting from septemberomom's blog.

  3. Hi Jillien! I left an award for you on my blog today :)


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