Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Lee's Response to my poem: Somewhere between then and now.

Could it be the imaginary-words locked in the scope of two minds?
Could it be the usual-emotive moments that are withheld in secrecy?
Could it be a wishful bond that never gets the chance to connect?
Something might be gone soon.
It is the generic disguise that will surely make this a mystery.


  1. Good job Lee! Jillien, you have another poet in the house? I like this poetry conversation. :) Do you want to keep it a mystery?

  2. I thought he did pretty good! He's a poet, and he never knew it. I'll definitely send kudos his way on your behalf.

    Lee swears he wrote this out of frustration toward my vague and obtuse writing. He says he never knows what the hell i'm talking about! He asked me how does it feel? hahaha


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