Monday, December 21, 2009

Not Me Monday --Sunday edition

I most certainly did not forget to bring my wallet with me to Church on Sunday. So that when we all went to lunch afterward I had NO reason to borrow money from my friend to pay for my husband, my daughter, and myself. That would be just too inconsiderate. Totally unlike me.

Deciding to drop my husband off at home afterward so that I could pick up my wallet and then go shopping with my friend was a brilliant idea. So of course I didn't mess it all up by dropping Lee off and then forgetting to pick up my wallet for the second time that day.

And because I'm always on top of things... It did NOT take me until we were at Target doing last minute Christmas shopping to realize I did not have my wallet once AGAIN!

Nope. Not me

And like always... one for the road:
I do not insist to leave my notebook at home instead of taking it to church with me. So that every week when I go to mass, I do NOT have to write all my notes on the back of envelopes, receipts, and random little pieces of papers I find in my purse. I'm always prepared. 


  1. I can't tell you how many times I've done the same thing. One day it happened at Starbucks... Promised my daughter hot chocolate and realized I did not have my wallet after ordering. The girl was so rude, she would not let me cone back later to pay for it :-(

  2. you definitely sound like me! I always seem to forget my ID or check card when it's time to check out! OOPSIE!

  3. Thank you for stopping by!!!!!
    Doula Mama Pam

  4. what about a post similar to this regarding cellphone?! you and lee henry are so alike!


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